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About The Downtown Group

The Downtown Group (DTG) is a member organization based in Houston, Texas, which is open to African American female attorneys whose licenses to practice law are in good standing and who are actively practicing law in Harris County and its surrounding areas. The purpose of DTG is:

SANCTUARY (a place of comfort and joy) - to create a sense of community and togetherness for members to simply be themselves without judgment or indictment; to provide freedom to honestly deal with African American female issues in our members’ personal and professional lives. 

SISTERHOOD (unity among females with the same background and experiences) - to enrich the quality of life for African American female lawyers through encouragement and mentorship; to uplift our members both spiritually, mentally and emotionally; to empower our members to better manage their personal and professional lives.


        The Power of a Black Women Lawyer: Mind, Body, and Soul.


      Strengthening our voice in the legal community and making a lasting change for the future.


  1. CommunityThrough community involvement and public service, DTG will enhance Houston's philanthropic landscape.
  2. CollaborationThrough collaboration with aligned local, regional, and national nonprofit and professional organizations, we will increase the exposure of DTG and the opportunities available to our members.
  3. CommunicationThrough communication, we will create new channels to share information and thought leadership.
  4. CultivationThrough personal development activities, we will cultivate new skills, introduce new growth opportunities, and expand individual networks. 
  5. Celebration: Through the celebration of our DTG sisters, we will uplift and recognize our members' accomplishments.

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